Valentine’s Ladies Night 50% Off Death by Chocolate Buffet at the Fairmont Empress Hotel

Death by Chocolate Dessert Buffet at the Bengal Lounge

Note: Well, this event is now in the past, and, sadly, I personally missed it. I heard that the Bengal Lounge had a dessert buffet on the weekends as a regular thing and I was all excited about it. However, I phoned them yesterday (February 19, 2011) and, sadly, they said they have discontinued their dessert buffet. I guess they revive it for special occasions like Valentine’s day, but, as a regular thing, no more dessert buffet at the Bengal Lounge! Sad. I had never even tried it.

When: Monday February 14th, 5-11pm
Where:The Fairmont Empress
Address:721 Government Street

The ultimate ladies night in the Bengal Lounge at the Fairmont Empress Hotel featuring a Death by Chocolate Dessert Buffet for $20 starting at 5pm! Ladies receive 50% off the chocolate buffet so bring all your best girl friends to enjoy.


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