The Good Food Box – High Quality Produce at Affordable Wholesale Prices in Victoria BC!


The Good Food Box – High Quality Produce at Affordable Wholesale Prices!

December 18, 2012 Update: 2013 Ordering schedule:

Order on-line or call for delivery or pick up. More information and how to order:

Update: Ordering schedule is here:

My original post is below and many of the details have not changed, but the Good Food Box program has changed for the better. It is now bi-weekly instead of monthly and you can even order on-line at

And that is just what I did about a week ago. For $3, they deliver.

I ordered their big ($18) produce box and received the following:

  • BC Cherries (about a pound?)
  • New local potatoes (they are almost baby potatoes – very fresh looking)
  • local romaine lettuce (it doesn’t quite look like romaine, but it looks FRESH — you can always tell at the bottom of the lettuce — sadly, I often cannot find any fresh lettuce at the grocery store.)
  • BC radishes
  • BC English peas (a nice brown lunch bag full of them)
  • BC green onions (and these are much nicer than the ones I have seen in the grocery store)
  • BC bunch of carrots
  • local green cabbage
  • BC broccoli (looks amazing)

I also ordered their fruit box because I LOVE fruit and here is what I got this time (for $15):

  • local strawberries (slight disappointment – a few at the bottom were moldy — that can happen with any strawberry purchase and I could have complained, but didn’t — the taste varied from strawberry to strawberry. They were all very fresh, but some were amazingly sweet whereas some were pleasant but not all that sweet. Mixed with yogurt, they would have been great.)
  • organic raspberries (a half pint container)
  • organic red grapes (a pound?)
  • Washington cherries (a pound?)
  • organic bananas (5)

So, I got all of that food for $33 + $3 for delivery (which they say is what they charge for 3 deliveries, but that seems too good to be true… 🙂 ).

I have to admit that I expected less food and so I am going to have to share some with my friends because it would be a shame to let any of it waste. This is a great way to get quality food into your diet without even having to go to the grocery store!

How do they do it? They buy in bulk from local farmers, paying them fair prices for their produce and they are a non-profit corporation that believes in “food security and social justice”. Hear, hear. And yum.

Original Post from April 21, 2011:
I just found out about this program that allows individuals to purchase high quality produce once a month at wholesale prices.

The food sources are mostly local and the prices are about 50% of what you might expect to pay at the grocery store.
How can they offer such a great deal? They are a non-profit organization dedicated to “food security and social justice” and so there is no major profit mark-up on the produce.

For someone like me, who is adventurous and enjoys a full range of fruits and vegetables, this is a great deal. The downside for some people might be that they don’t allow you to pick and choose exactly what you get.

• $6, $12 or $18 Fruit and Veggie Box
• $15 All Fruit Box
• $18 Organic Fruit and Veggie Box

Their brochure gives examples of about how much food you can expect at each price level although the food they bring varies seasonally.

Usually, you pay a few days in advance and then pick up your order at a local community center. For an additional $3 for every 2 boxes, they will deliver the order.

I think this is a fantastic deal. I plan to try out the small box in May (since I just missed the April box) and, if it is good, I am going to wish they had a weekly service instead of a monthly one!

This is a great service for people who want to enjoy the very best quality food. They do not limit the service to people who are low income, but it would be a perfect way for people who are low income to get fresh, high quality food.

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