New Inexpensive Brand Name Mattresses Available in Victoria, BC (and Vancouver) at the Salvation Army Thrift Store #yyj

Having Trouble Affording a New Mattress?

The Salvation Army Thrift Stores in Victoria, BC (as well as Vancouver, BC, and who doesn’t want a trip to Vancouver to visit a Vancouver dispensary?!) are selling brand new mattresses or mattress and boxspring sets as well as new pillows and new bed frames.

You can see what they have to offer at:

Scroll down on the page to see the items for sale in Victoria. These are donated by mattress companies and are brand new. I have personally purchased beds from the Salvation Army twice in my life — both times were in Ottawa. And both times, the beds were new and comfortable. The prices are very reasonable. I have not seen these particular beds, but the beds I have purchased from them (back in my student days) were about middle of the line. Nothing too fancy, but they certainly met my needs. In fact… with the economy being what it is these days, I may be heading back there pretty soon.

They seem to have a lot more options now than when I was a student. In Victoria, they have three types of beds. The least expensive is the Restwell Foam — they sell the single mattress only for just $118. A double mattress only is just $151. The boxspring brings that up to $230. The most expensive that they have is the 9210 Dream Delight. They have an extra long double and extra long single in this style. They also sell it in King size for $710 for both the mattress and box spring.

They sell frames for $55-65 and I have heard they sell brand new pillows as well.

Please see the website for more details or contact the Salvation Army Thrift Store nearest to you to find out what they have in stock.

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