Facts about Victoria, BC

Victoria BC Canada Facts

Island View Beach Regional Park, Victoria, BC CanadaVictoria BC

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia Canada.  It is located on Vancouver Island.  Although some people mistakenly have mistakenly believed the island to be called Victoria island, it is called Vancouver Island, which is a little strange when you consider that Vancouver is NOT on the island and you must take a ferry from the BC ferries service to get from the mainland in Vancouver to Victoria.

According to 2006 Census data from the City of Victoria Website, the victoria city population was 78,057 in 2006.   The Capital Region District, which comprises Victoria BC as well as the neighbouring cities of Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Saanich, View Royal, Highlands, and Langford had a recorded population of 345,164 in 2006.

The weather in Victoria British Columbia is mild, which is why many Canadians choose to retire here.  Victoria in British Columbia is located in a sub-Mediterranean zone and has an average of over 2000 hours of sunshine per year and just over 26 inches of rain.

Victoria BC weather is extremely pleasant.  Winter is the rainy season with an average of 2 inches of rain per month compared to less than an inch of rain per month in the summer.  Summers days are warm, but are kept from being too hot by offshore breezes.

A sweater is recommended for summer evenings when it cools off.

Despite the fact that it rarely snows in winter, warmer clothing is advisable between about mid-October and March.

Victoria British Columbia weather trends show that the average temperature in summer (July & August) is 71 degrees Fahrenheit (about 21.8 Celsius) and the coldest months are December and January with average temperatures of 44 degrees Fahrenheit (about 6.5 Celsius).

Victoria is a beautiful city with a strong British influence.  It is right on the ocean, between the open Pacific and the Strait of Georgia.  There are many wonderful walks and hikes in and around the city.  It is a wonderful place to visit.  There are many exciting things to see and do year round.  All of Vancouver Island is scenic and beautiful.

As this site develops, I will give more details about Victoria BC and what to see and do here, both as a tourist and as someone who lives here.